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bark fruit

Zalacca fruit

Zalacca is my favorit fruit. But, sometimes i get a bit teribble to peel it skin. There’s many kind of zalacca fruit that we can find in indonesia. Zalacca has many advantage for as. No ones else fruits that i’ve like except zalacca fruit.(written by Dimas)

Sometimes i get teribble to peel it skin. Zalacca has many small thorn around the skin. The skin was attached strongly in the flesh of zalacca. It’s a bit slippery and can hurt your hand. We need to use a pair of glave to cover our hand.  It’s a bit difficult to break the skin.( written by Iqbal)

There’s many kind of zalacca that we can find in indonesia. Zalacca has different characteristics rigth from their place, the skin and the taste. zalacca fruit was differrentiated by the taste  of sweet or not sweet. We can find salak pondoh from Yogyakarta that have  sweet taste and spongy flesh of fruit. There’s salak bali from bali it self, it has small seed and thick flesh than another kind of zalacca. Many varieties of zalacca fruit in indonesia.(written by Lalu Radi Myarta)

Zalacca has many advantage for as. we can make new beverages product from zalaca. Zalacca fruit can be made into various kinds of food, among them: ZalaccaSyrup,ZalaccaJuice,ZalaccaJamb, ZalaccaJam. The product of  zalacca fruit can be the main income for the trader, gardener and interpreneur of  zalacca fruit. Zalacca fruit may come into national and international trade, and might increase national income. We can sell it into the store or in the retail trade. The profit were great for many people who involved their self in zalacca business.(written by Rizky)


There’s another fruit i like except zalacca. The taste of zalacca is very sweet. it has unique fig and the skin was seemly like snake leather. The seed of zalacca is a bit small, but it has a thick flesh. Zalacca skin is a bit funny, it’s seems a small leather jacket that  covered the fig. I love zalacca fruit.( written by Lalu Radi Myarta)


Zalacca is the sweetest fruit for me. Althought,  it doesn’t  easy to slaugh the skin. The variety of zalacca were located in different place in indonesia that has already known by the people  who were stayed in the place.  There’s a lot of  profit of  zalacca fruit that we can make to be the main income. I’m prefer to like zalacca fruit than another.(written by Anto)


Buah Salak Pondoh



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