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          aaa  November 21,2012 night, I went to Amplas with Fadly, Elin, and Irma. They are my classmate in English Education Departement. We went to Amplas substantively want to watching movie, but because nothing interesting movie so we went to take picture together in photo box then search some food for dinner.

            Starting when I patching the tire suddenly fadly send text to me, he invite me went to Amplas. Initially, I reject his invite because I have not money but fadly unchanged pick me. So, I can’t to reject again. Finally, we went to Amplas together with Irma and Elin too. Around trip 30 minutes we arrived in Amplas. Quickly we put our motorcycle in parking area then go to escalator for going to cinema in the top floor. After we arrived in cinema we looked available movie but in fact nothing interesting movie.


  Then we leaved the cinema and we saw photo box and we so want to take picture together. We queue around 15 minutes. After 15 minutes passed we take picture together and we pay Rp.35.000 for four photos. Then we search some food for dinner and we choose burger for our dinner.

After that because the day was done we went to boarding room. Around 11.00 PM we arrived in boarding room. I feel very happy fadly was invite me to Amplas because it is my first time and my first experience went to Amplas. Thank you my friends.


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