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contoh narrative text

Magically for cupboard

Once time ago in villages has many people`s. The peoples are very lucky when a neighbor they come from a very rich city. His name a people that is tom Rhusel. Tom Rhusel was of royal descent from England, who desirous stays to the village. He had a soon and daug

mistique cupboard

hter. The name of his wife of tom himself is MARYA.  The name of her soon is Brandon, and a daughter is catrine.

When at her wife would a cupboard to save many objects. Marry is fill the cupboard was with some antique furniture. After fill full of saving many objects in cupboard, and then Marya was smoothing of all goods is in a very neat.

When tom will open the cupboard, but something happened in the cupboard. Marya afterwards called to help he is due fear of events occurring last. So tom very surprised that feeling by tom. Marya event was also surprised whit events experienced tom. Then passed after three weeks a

Second Brandon ve been around the forests and she saw a dwelling in the forest. Brandon intention of entering the house, but he somewhat suspicious with the spot because place was deserted by scenery about very austere and atmosphere desolate. After several minutes later he finally trying enters to the place it is curious to the place. Brandon felt himself suffered awkward but she did not dream and he was afraid of the circumstances, but he tried to calm himself down by means of patience. When he knocked on the door he met someone extremely high and black. Brandon was very surprised to his deserted house somebody would dedicate it. Brandon confused with what he meet at the time. Then he talks to the man and Brandon enquiringly the name of the place. So he was somewhat long Brandon on the spot. After that he trusted traveling to forest, and he saw a light from near lake, and he meeting the light. When already approached he felt attracted by the magnet the light he had entered into the light. Brandon was shocked when he`s the admission of the light last, and he astonished can return home after entering in the light that. After that he told his experience to both her parents and also to young sister her.nd that moment Brandon wanted to open up the cupboard and she was experiencing that a similar fate with what experienced his father. He intends to open the cupboard. Because she wanted to take some this stuff antique to put in his chamber and what happens Brandon into the cupboard, and he felt like a magnet that his power is attractive to entire into the cupboard. Has entered Brandon momentary unconsciousness and when he awoke it in the forest, but it moves quickly and can`t be seen clearly by Brandon.

After a few months neither one of a members tom touch the closet nor after one know then she was selling the closet to other, and then he would to buy small clots not need big clots like tomorrow. His said tomorrow to be experience neither to forgotten.


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