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Spending the End of 2012 with My Little Brother from Jakarta

 My little brother was going to Yogyakarta with her parents for holidays at December 19, 2012. They are going to Yogyakarta at 07.00 am and arrive at 15.30 pm. I am very happy dgfhglkjbecause my little brothers come to my family’s house. My little brother’s name is ifat Saoqi Ma`Ruf or we also called Ifat. His favorite drink is tip of tea because tip of tea is sweet, so his very like this.

When evening at 3.00 am, he wake up of asks milk to her parents, so his crying to ask milks this. Since was drink he stopped to crying and he come back to sleep. Her parents is very weak for make milk her, and also her parents comeback to sleep with her until morning at 5.00 am.

After that at 7.00 am my little brother wake up, and he won’t to traveling with her father. He is going to PKU hospital with her parent to Balecatur village until fifteen minute. Since he took me he won’t playing with me in the garden of playing football. His very like playing football.

Saturday at 15.30, he goes to sekaten or look tradition java in sultan palace until 20.30 pm. His like perform by circus in the north yard.  After last watching circus in the sultan palace and feel sleep, he was come back to fatta house. Before he comeback to fatta house he buying toys like a ball and car. When at fatta house, ifat was feel sleep. So he wants to sleep. On the night at 03.00 o`clock, he feel very hungry, and then he crying of ask milk. So, his father making milk at 03.00 o`clock of ifat. He come back to sleep after drink milk. At the morning he won’t water white to drinking, because is very thirsty.

He is very lucky with new friend to playing toys. They are very nice to playing toy`s with her. So there are very happy with playing them. They are playing toys like a ball, robot, and fish toys. When ifat playing robot with raihan. Ifat has feel very happy, but his tired, and then he weak of playing with new her friends. So he sleeps with my mother and he feels very weak of playing at morning until evening. He sleep until evening at 16.00 o`clock. He wake up at 17.00 o`clock and then take a bath. After finish he was very happy and fresh, because was take a bath. He wont to watching television, and need water white for drinking, because his very thirsty.

The Monday at 09.00 o`clock, and he won’t visiting to PKU hospital for leniency her mother. He visiting with her father of going to PKU hospital, and they are take motorcycle to going hospital. He very nice of visiting her mother in PKU hospital, but he still children and children cannot to enter in mother room. So he must to enter in day care to waiting her father in pku hospital, but he very happy, because in day care much toy`s for child. Her father finish to visiting her mother and her mother can to comeback in fatta house. So his very nice with experience that.

When Friday was her mother sick and must going to a PKU hospital, and I very concerned about it. So I must help her of accompany her in the fatta house. He was very confused with about problem her mother, but his still children, so we must cant he cozy in fatta house. Since at the talk “where did my father”, and then we said “your father still worked in office of get much money”. He was silence at her listen about her father, but he feel her parents going to other place, and he don’t know of where are them to went. Beside I said” your father still to pinch her mother. He sleeps at tonight that with my mother and fatta mother. At morning since ifat was sleep, and then fatta father to waked ifat. So ifat has feeling sad, because he waked by fatta mother. After to get up, and then with he want is going to out fatta house of looking nature in morning.

There are in fatta house very crowded, because as ifat, but I very nice to playing with my little brother, and can help my aunt of accompany my little brother to night in fatta house. This is experience is very nice, because at last year I can meet with my little brother in Yogyakarta although is very best day for me in Yogyakarta.


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