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American Corner


Amcor is a place like a library, but more fun equal framcorom other library. Location Amcor has three place in java like a UGM, UMM, and UMY. Muhammadiyah university of Yogyakarta has relationship with us embassy, so we must proud with relationship that, because we can get information from America and how to get method learning student in America. Body of Amcor is small but visitor to joint is very much every day. Usually student`s visiting in Amcor of search material study or read book`s. Without to search material`s study and read books, but student can playing game in Amcor like a scrabble and chess. Student not buried in Amcor, because Amcor is very nice place for student. Amcor has many facility, visitor`s, and also situation is comfort and cozy for student`s.
Beside of among visitor from student and lecture UMY, if Amcor has event like a discussion about culture society in America, so Amcor must to call visitor from America peoples like from us embassy. Sometimes Amcor has event election us president among Obama and Romney, and not only event but Amcor already has event other. And also in the event that`s Amcor has many exclusive visitor is prof.Dr.Bambang cipto and visitor`s from us embassy office is a Mr. Joel.
Facility from Amcor self is very good, because commodities always up to date every month Student always to search new something like a book, novel, magazine, newspaper, and map. Not only that, but Amcor has other facility between novel, book, magazine, and newspaper. The facility of that is like computer. Why Amcor has many computer, because any more student can`t too bought laptop, and student need commodity that’s. Student is very happy with facility that’s, because can help student in learning in campus.
Situation Amcor is comfort and cool with air conditioner. Student can get cozy situation, because Amcor build is very nice of learning and reading student. So Amcor can make feel student not stress with assignment, but student can worked assignment with cozy in the Amcor. Place of Amcor is very clean and aromatic.
Amcor is very nice place for all student muhammadiyah university of Yogyakarta. A visitor`s to Amcor is very much and also has exclusive visitor`s like a Prof.Dr.H.Bambang Cipto, M.A and from us embassy visitor is mr.joel. Facility from Amcor self is very completed of all student, and also not only book, magazine, newspaper, and map, but Amcor has many other facility like a computer for searching materiel study from internet, but not only facility that`s. Amcor has air conditioner for make comfort to be fresh place that`s. Situation and condition of Amcor is very cozy for student learning, and place of Amcor is cleaned and very cozy of learning for student`s.


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